Functional Areas

ETC Group, LLC provides the following services to telecommunications and broadband service providers and their stakeholders:

Vision, Strategy & Mission Planning
Contract Negotiations & Strategic Alliances
Emerging Business Models/Technology Leadership
Sales/Distribution Plan Strategy/Development/Oversight
Finance, Budgeting & Cost Management
Programs, Services & Products Development
Profitability & Performance Management (BI)
Government Regulations & Relations
Market Segmentation, Analysis & Development
Public Relations & Media Affairs
Interim Operations Management
Network Design/Deployment
Network Optimization


ETC Group, LLC is engaged in a number of interesting and complex projects. Often, they involve conceptualizing business strategies and the use of technology in order to capture new-found or shifting revenue streams in the most economically and operationally efficient way. Here are a few current and recently completed initiatives.

  • Currently engaged as engineering subject matter experts for a group of broadband service providers representing more than $20B annual revenue in developing suggested FCC rules modifications for inter-carrier interconnection of IP networks under Title II of the Telecom Act for telecommunications services so regulated.
  • Currently engaged as business and engineering subject matter experts, assisting national service provider association in the strategic development and presentation of opposition arguments to Incumbent Local Exchange Company (ILEC) copper loop retirement initiatives, within FCC proceedings, by outlining the technological advancements, and benefits of Ethernet First-mile Copper technologies with respect to ubiquitous broadband availability throughout the U.S.
  • Currently engaged in due diligence evaluations of several U.S. broadband service providers for possible acquisition, funded by leading U.S. private equity firm.
  • Currently providing guest lecturer at the University of Pittsburgh, Graduate Program for Telecommunications and Networking.
  • Engaged as engineering subject matter experts, assisting national service provider association in the development and submission of amicus brief for current U.S. Supreme Court case involving Incumbent Local Exchange Company (ILEC) obligations under the Telecom Act.
  • Developed business case and go-to-market plan for a Midwest U.S. service provider to deploy new, innovative business model using Public Computer Center and Sustainable Broadband Adoption strategies, including development and submission of applications filed under those categories of the American Recovery And Reinvestment Act (ARRA), U.S. Department of Commerce NTIA BTOP Program to drive broadband subscribership launch and growth.
  • Developed business case and go-to-market plan for a Southeast U.S. service provider to expand current wireless broadband network in rural areas of the Southwest U.S. from 32,000 to 350,000 square miles including development and submission of three applications filed under the ARRA U.S. Department of Agriculture RUS/BIP Stimulus Program Last-mile category.
  • Developed Layer-2 architecture design and economic feasibility model for Puerto Rico Service Provider using Carrier Backbone Bridging technology, migrating from MPLS transport.
  • Worked on behalf of a broadband service provider and the FCC’s Omnibus Broadband Initiative team to find innovative ways to apply finer and more dynamic granularity to current RF spectrum rules for the 3.65 GHz, 5 GHz and TV “white spaces” bands for rural areas of the U.S.